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What does it all mean?
Web Site Performance
Visits - This is the one piece of information that you really want to know. A visit is one individual visitor who arrives at the web site and proceeds to browse. A visit counts all visitors, no matter how many times the same visitor may have been to the site.
Pages - This is also called Impression.   Once a visitor arrives at the website, they will search around on a few more pages. On average, a visitor will look at about 2.5 pages. Each individual page a visitor views is tracked as a page  
Hits - The real Black Sheep in the family. The average person thinks that a hit means a visit but it is very different  A Hit actually refers to the number of files downloaded on the site, this could include photos, graphics, etc. Picture the average web page, it has photos (each photo is a file and hence a hit) and lots of buttons (each button is a file and hence a hit). On average, each page will include 15 hits. Hits are sometimes wrongly quoted to show how successful a site is
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