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CRADLEY   PARISH   COUNCIL 2 New Cottages, Clenchers Mill Lane, Eastnor, Ledbury HR8. 1RR. Tel/Fax: 01531 635103 You are welcome to attend a meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday 3rd June 2014 in Cradley Village Hall at 7.30pm. Mary Barnett, Clerk. A G E N D A 1. Apologies – to receive and approve reasons for absence. 2. Declarations of Interest – a. Disclosable pecuniary interests in Agenda items and their nature. b. Any other disclosable interests in Agenda items and their nature. 3. Approve Minutes of Annual Meeting on 13th May 2014. 4. County Councillor report (see attached). 5. Update reports   - Rectory Lane.  Meeting with Police & Housing Officers. 6. Items for consideration  –OOutside gym at Chapel Lane. Need   for   new   ground   maintenance Contractors 7.         Finance matters – all to approve payment of the following accounts - Inland Revenue, PAYE. £150.00. CV Hall, copying, hire fees & drinks £44.83. CV Hall, hire fees £24.00. Signature Gardens ground maintenance £168.00. Clerk, expenses & mileage       8.        Reports from the following committees and working parties – Planning Committee- TLJ Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) – TLJ. Environmental  Footpaths – WH. Churchyards Committee. (CL). Recreation Area Committee. Editorial Group (KN).      9.      Public Question  time.     10.        Correspondence – to receive and agree action, if any.     11.        Literature – to receive and agree action, if any.     12.        Newsletter items.     13.        Councillors’ reports and items for future Agenda – Each Councillor is asked to use this opportunity to report minor matters of information not included elsewhere on the Agenda and to raise items for future Agendas. Councillors are respectfully reminded that this is not an opportunity for debate or decision making. Mary Barnett - Clerk to the Council - Tel 01531 635103. PLANNING AGENDA 1 Apologies – to receive and approve reasons for absence. 2 To approve Minutes of meeting held on 13th May 2014. 3 To receive declarations of interest in item on the Agenda. 4 To consider the under-mentioned applications. 5 To receive advice on previous items granted, refused , withdrawn or an appeal lodged . ******* Application No. P141036/F – land adjacent to Credenleigh, Cradley WR13 5NB. Description Proposed erection of three dwellings. Application No. P141291/K - Wynton, 2 Brookside, Cradley WR13 5LE. Description Work to various Leylandii trees. Application No. P141410/L – Columbine Cottage, Storridge, WR13 5EY. Description Proposed single storey side extension, demolition and rebuild of front timber frame wall and replacement windows. M.A. Barnett Tel 01531 635103.