CRADLEY PARISH COUNCIL VACANCY FOR A PARISH CLERK Applications are invited for the position of a Part-time , Salaried Clerk to help our forward looking and active Council to serve the communities of Cradley and Storridge Parishes ARE YOU INTERESTED ? Then Phone  Lynda Wilcox of HALC for an application form on                  01432 353492
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PC Calendar Or more descriptively, Cradley and Storridge Parish Council, for it encompasses the Village of Storridge as well, exists to look after the interests and well being of the communities within its boundaries.  Consisting of fifteen members, elected every four years, and headed by an annually elected Chair. The Council meets the second Tuesday in each month, at Cradley Village Hall during the Spring and Summer and at Storridge Village Hall during the Autumn and Winter.  Normal meetings are open to the public to attend and indeed the Council welcomes and encourages participation by members of the community  Agendas for meetings are usually issued 5 days before the date and can be viewed on the Parish Council notice boards within the two villages or here online on the Calendar. Anyone wishing a matter to be discussed or raised at Council should in the first instance contact the Clerk or a Parish Councillor. (see your Councillors page)  For more details of how Parish Councils work and the scope of their involvement in the local community Click Here Click Here What do we do What do we do What we donít do What we donít do
Neighbourhood  Development Plan Referendum Result !! Click here Please note that whilst the Parish Council is seeking to  appoint a new Clerk all communications and contact  with the Council should be addressed,  as a temporary measure, to   Councillor Wynne Harries   6 Oaklands, Cradley, WR13 5LA 01886 880976
Cradley Parish Council Update as at 16th  November 2017 In view of recent events regarding the Parish Council, here are the facts as currently known: 1 . The Parish Clerk resigned on 23 rd  August 2017. 2 . Since    1 st     October    2017    eight    parish    councillors    have    resigned, including the Chair and Vice-Chair. 3 . These    resignations    resulted    in    the    Council    being    inquorate    and therefore   unable   to   meet   and   make   any   decisions.      The   current establishment   of   the   Council   is   fifteen,   and,   to   be   quorate,   a   third of   the   establishment   must   attend   a   meeting.      There   are   only   four remaining councillors. 4 . With   no   clerk   and   an   inquorate   Council,   the   Lengthsman,   Jeremy Phillips,   has   not   been   able   to   have   any   direction   to   do   any   work since   the   end   of   October   (as   per   his   contract   with   the   Council   and connected   insurance   factors),   so   his   activities   for   the   Parish   are necessarily suspended for the time being. 5 . The   fact   that   the   Council   is   inquorate   has   also   resulted   in   a   delay   in the    recruitment    process    for    a    new    parish    clerk.        This    can recommence after the next quorate meeting. 6 . The    Council’s    public    liability    insurance    is    in    place    and    the insurance company is fully briefed on the current situation. 7 . In   the   current   circumstances,   Herefordshire   Council   has   the   power to    make    an    order    to    appoint    county    councillors    to    the    Parish Council   to   make   it   quorate   –   this   process   takes   some   time   to   put   in place,   but   we   can   confirm   that   there   are   now   county   councillors allocated.      Therefore,   the   next   Parish   Council   meetings   can   be quorate   by   this   means,   and   the   arrangement   will   continue   until   new parish councillors can be elected to some or all of the vacancies. 8 . The next Parish Council meeting is scheduled for: 1 . As   already   stated   on   the   website,   as   a   temporary   measure,   any written    correspondence    to    the    Parish    Council    may    be    sent    to Councillor    Wynne    Harries ,    6    Oaklands,    Cradley    WR13    5LA          01886   880   976.      Any   of   the   other   three   parish   councillors   would also   be   very   happy   indeed   to   take   any   queries   that   you   may   have:     Councillor    Simon    Davies     01886    880    074,    Councillor    Alan Eldridge    01886   880   381,   and   Councillor   Bruce   Herriot    01886 880 146.  2 . An   election   for   the   vacancies   is   likely   to   be   held   in   January   2018, but   please   check   public   announcements   on   this   in   due   course   to confirm    that.        There    will    be    public    notices    in    Cradley    and Storridge,    and    you    can    also    check    the    Herefordshire    Council website for information on parish councillor vacancies.  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
WEDNESDAY 29 NOVEMBER at 7pm in   CRADLEY VILLAGE HALL   [ NB: Venue is not Storridge   Village Hall as that is  unavailable that evening ]