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PC Calendar Or more descriptively, Cradley and Storridge Parish Council, for it encompasses the Village of Storridge as well, exists to look after the interests and well being of the communities within its boundaries.  Consisting of fifteen members, elected every four years, and headed by an annually elected Chair. The Council meets the second Tuesday in each month, at Cradley Village Hall during the Spring and Summer and at Storridge Village Hall during the Autumn and Winter.  Normal meetings are open to the public to attend and indeed the Council welcomes and encourages participation by members of the community  Agendas for meetings are usually issued 5 days before the date and can be viewed on the Parish Council notice boards within the two villages or here online on the Calendar. Anyone wishing a matter to be discussed or raised at Council should in the first instance contact the Clerk or a Parish Councillor. (see your Councillors page)  For more details of how Parish Councils work and the scope of their involvement in the local community Click Here What do we do What we don’t do
Cradley Parish Council Update drafted 16th November and updated 4th December 2017  In view of recent events regarding the Parish Council, here are the facts as currently known: 	1.	The Parish Clerk resigned on 23rd August 2017. 	2.	Since 1st October 2017 eight parish councillors have resigned, including the Chair and Vice-Chair. 	3.	These resignations resulted in the Council being inquorate and therefore unable to meet and make any decisions.  The current establishment of the Council is fifteen, and, to be quorate, a third of the establishment must attend a meeting.  There are only four remaining councillors. 	4.	With no clerk and an inquorate Council, the Lengthsman, Jeremy Phillips, has not been able to have any direction to do any work since the end of October (as per his contract with the Council and connected insurance factors), so his activities for the Parish are necessarily suspended for the time being.  	5.	The fact that the Council is inquorate has also resulted in a delay in the recruitment process for a new parish clerk.  This can now proceed, and an interview panel has been appointed. 	6.	The Council’s public liability insurance is in place and the insurance company is fully briefed on the current situation. 	7.	In the current circumstances, Herefordshire Council has the power to make an order to appoint county councillors to the Parish Council to make it quorate – this process takes some time to put in place, but we can confirm that there are now county councillors allocated (Councillors A Johnson, J Lester, A Seldon, and N Shaw).  Therefore, the next Parish Council meetings can be quorate by this means, and the arrangement will continue until new parish councillors can be elected to some or all of the vacancies. 	8.	At the Parish Council meeting on November 29th, Bruce Herriot was elected as Chair and Wynne Harries as Vice-Chair.  	9.	As already stated on the website, as a temporary measure, any written correspondence to the Parish Council may be sent to Councillor Wynne Harries, 6 Oaklands, Cradley WR13 5LA   01886 880 976.  Any of the other parish councillors would also be very happy indeed to take any queries that you may have, including local members: Councillor Simon Davies 01886 880 074, Councillor Alan Eldridge 01886 880 381, and Councillor Bruce Herriot 01886 880 146.   	10.	If a contested election for the vacancies is required, this will be held on 11th January 2018, but please see separate notices for further details.  There will be public notices in Cradley and Storridge, and you can also check the Herefordshire Council website for information on parish councillor vacancies.  Nominations for the vacancies will close at 4pm on December 12th 2017.  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * click here for the Statement of Persons Nominated
Election for the 11 vacancies for Parish Councillors Nominations closed at 4pm on 12th December and there will be a contested election on 11th January 2018 There are 17 candidates for the 11 vacancies on the Council
Letter from the Chairman A Happy New Year to everyone in the Parish. I hope that it proves to be so, and that we can all proceed with a new look Parish Council without any resentments.  We are delighted to announce that our new Clerk is in post. Helen is also the part-time Clerk at Fownhope, and is just coming to the end of her CiLCA training, a specific qualification in Local Council Administration. She will be a huge asset to the Parish and is looking forward to her new job. Her contact details are: Mrs Helen Tinson Pichells Place Wall Hills Farm Hereford Road Ledbury HR8 2PR Telephone: 07989066782 I would just like to reiterate that the Parish Council can only communicate with those who contact us directly with a verifiable name and address. We have been made aware of rumour and gossip about all sorts of Council issues. If you have any comments, questions or concerns do contact Helen. She will be able to respond herself, or take the matter to full Council or if the matter concerns a breach of our Code of Conduct then she will forward your concerns to the Monitoring Officer at Herefordshire Council for these serious allegations to be dealt with by the appropriate organisation.  We hope to have our new website live next week on  www.cradleyparishcouncil.gov.uk The old site, kindly run by Ken Nason for many years, will be taken down as soon as we are happy with the new site. The new site will have some interesting interactive features, which we will share with you as soon as Helen has undergone the appropriate training. Now we have a Clerk in post we will develop a communications strategy, which may involve restarting the Facebook page. Again, we will let you know as soon as this has been decided. At our December meeting it was resolved to postpone the January Parish Council meeting to Tuesday 23rd January at 19:00 in Storridge Village Hall so that we can welcome the successful 11 candidates from the January 11th election as new Parish Councillors. There has not been a contested election for many years, so this is an exciting time for democracy in Cradley and Storridge. Just to make it clear, if nobody resigns between now and May 2019 there should not be a further election in that period. A further election has significant financial implications for the Parish as the total cost of an election is paid for out of the precept. May 2019 is when the next mandatory Council elections are due to take place again, and it is possible that the number of Councillors will be reduced to 12 from that date (rather than the current 15}, but this is yet to be finalised by Herefordshire Council. We will be presenting the Draft Precept for 2018/2019 at our January meeting so please look out for this on the website. Parishioners are free to ask us questions about how we allocate the money for next year. The precept has to be ‘signed off’ at the February meeting and then submitted to Herefordshire Council. Again, I wish you all a Happy New Year and I look forward to continue working with you for the good of our community. Bruce Herriot 6th January 2018